2014 Reading Statistics

Also known as the day I spent struggling with After Effects.

A few people have asked what I use to keep track of the books I read so here’s an Excel spreadsheet template based off mine

3 days after posting this I realised it was a lie. I re-read The Hobbit. Of course.

Some other statistics:

  • The top 5 longest book I read I actually just listened to the audiobook of
  • The shortest book was The Time Machine at 99 pages
  • The only book to receive a perfect 10/10 rating from me was The Secret History by Donna Tartt
  • My lowest-rated book was The Inner Life by Thomas à Kempis, which received a v poor 2/10
  • I read the most red-spined books, then black, then white
  • My most intense reading stints were in April, where I read 5 books in 4 days, and 4 books in 3 days a week later
  • The oldest book I read was On the Shortness of Life by Seneca, which was published in 49AD, not before Christ :(
  • The last book I read of the year was The Handmaid’s Tale, I was the only person to have actually read it by our book club meetings, so will do a discussion video on that another time