Summer Lightning

by P.G. Wodehouse

Hugh Carmody loved Millicent, Lord Emsworth niece, but he was very good friends with Sue Brown - an attachment which Millicent, perhaps, could hardly be expected to enthuse over. Ronnie Fish loved Sue, and entertained feelings o unrestrained ferocity towards Pilbeam, a blister of the first water, who was pestering her with flowers. When Millicent and Ronnie heard that Hugo and Sue were having dinner on the quiet, there was trouble; and when Ronnie, descending upon Mario's, found not Hugo but the execrable Pilbeam, summer lightning flashed in truth. How Lord Emsworth's pig was stolen, how Sir Gregory Parsloe-Parsloe was accused of the crime, how Mr Baxter fell out of windows and drove Lord Emsworth to the verge of desperation, and much more is all told in Mr Wodehouse's inimitable manner