Hello World

Being Human in the Age of Algorithms

by Hannah Fry

Too shallow for anyone who already knows a fair bit about algorithms.

I felt (strongly in the Art section) that she wasn’t advocating for the programmers and had the perspective of someone who hasn’t thought very holistically about human computer interaction. ‘Computers can’t make art’ is a sentiment that really bugs me, it shrouds technology in this cold deific cloak when THE COMPUTER IS THE ART. I so strongly believe that making a computer make art is an extremely artistic endeavour. Go read some McLuhan.

It was a good book, and an interesting grounding on the ways in which algorithms already govern much of our lives and will do even more of our future. For me though, it felt like it had too much fear of the machine, too much alienation, it should have been written by a computer scientist who understands the nuances of HCI, rather than a (admittedly well-researched) mathematician.